DWI Defense

Loss of driving privileges, expensive fines, jail time — in addition to these serious penalties you may be up against if convicted of drunk driving in Missouri, your life could be forever changed by a permanent criminal record.

If you have been arrested on a DWI/DUI charge, it is critical that you consult with an attorney who has extensive training and trial experience handling drunk driving cases, like our knowledgeable Harrisonville DWI attorneys at Crouch, Spangler & Douglas, Attorneys at Law. It is also imperative that you speak to an attorney immediately as some of your rights begin to be affected very quickly.

Have you been arrested on DWI charges in West Central Missouri? You only have a short period of time to request an administrative hearing with Missouri's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to protect your driving privileges. Contact us today for help.

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For more than a century, our Kansas City are law firm has provided staunch, reliable legal advice and representation to individuals throughout the state. As part of our comprehensive legal practice, our attorneys protect and defend people facing criminal charges for DWI/DUI.

Crouch, Spangler & Douglas handles drunk driving cases. It is important to seek legal counsel from a professional who understands the serious legal consequences you are up against, and who can help you overcome them.

Our firm offers our clients extensive knowledge of the laws surrounding DWI arrests in Missouri. He has completed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standard training — training given to all police officers, involving the stringent field sobriety and breath test rules. When building your case, our attorneys will:

  • Request administrative hearing that stops your license from getting suspended
  • Order police reports and video surveillance for thorough review
  • Review the evidence to determine if the police lack probable cause for your traffic stop or arrest
  • Ensure the proper arrest procedures were followed
  • Challenge the administration of your field sobriety and breath tests
  • Ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated
  • Meet with the prosecutor to discuss plea agreements and to address potential issues in your case
  • Discuss the legal options in your case
  • Depending on your circumstances, push for dismissal of charges, amendment of charges from a DWI to lesser charges, or possible diversion/probation options

Crouch, Spangler & Douglas is committed to protecting your rights and minimizing the negative consequences of your DWI arrest. Whether we are able to come to a fair negotiated agreement, or we proceed to trial, our team will strive to achieve the best outcome for you.

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