Probate Trust & Litigation

The death of a loved one is often distressing, sometimes causing conflict between surviving family members when it comes time to settle the estate through the probate process. At Crouch, Spangler & Douglas, Attorneys at Law, we recognize how difficult it may be to cope with the loss of your loved one while handling a legal dispute involving the administration or distribution of his or her property and assets.

Assisting You With Finding Solutions When Faced With Challenging Will Disputes

Established more than a century ago, our Kansas City law firm represents heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives, trustees and attorneys-in-fact in all will and trust disputes, as well as other probate litigation matters.

Whether you are seeking legal counsel to protect your rights and your interests as a beneficiary, or you are seeking representation in a claim involving accusations of negligent or unlawful acts while serving as a personal representative, Crouch, Spangler & Douglas can help you. Our attorneys have represented clients dealing with a wide range of probate, will and trust matters, involving:

  • Beneficiaries/heirs written out of will/trust due to mental incapacity or undue influence on the maker
  • Fiduciaries (personal representatives, trustees, attorneys-in-fact) mishandling or misappropriating assets
  • People who need a power of attorney (attorney-in-fact) or a guardian
  • Will or trust modifications
  • Beneficiaries who have been wronged with the management of a trust
  • Trust modification or termination

In addition to the above issues, our lawyers prepare all manner of tax returns relative to probate and trust matters.

In every case we handle, our Harrisonville probate attorneys are committed to protecting our clients' rights. We strive to restore our clients to their natural position as heirs and revoke wrongful modifications to wills and trusts, ultimately helping fulfill the wishes of decedents recorded in valid estate plans.

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